Friday, 1 September 2017

A Room With a Chair

A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to really start getting ready for baby number two. We bit the bullet, moved our bedroom upstairs and started scouring Kijiji for a twin bed for Kenzie. We pushed furniture around, overspent on mattresses and linens and have started to look at paint colours for our now toddler’s new room. Although she won’t move out of her crib for several months, I know that the closer I get to my due date, the harder it will be for me to have the energy to sort, rearrange and really just move anything. 

So for two weeks our bedroom has been up in our little loft. Originally, I wasn’t too thrilled about this idea. It seemed small, stuffy, far away from the rest of the world. I liked where I was. I had a million reasons why I wanted to keep our room right off the kitchen, why I thought it was best for us to be downstairs. But, in the end, this transition made the most sense and I reluctantly watched our mattress and furniture be pushed up the little staircase. 

It took about fifteen seconds for me to fall in love with our new space. What I thought would be crowded was actually more spacious than our old room. The worry of hot sleeping arrangements gave way to breezy nights with open windows. We have space for a chair and larger bedside tables. What I thought would be a bad change turned out to have so many hidden perks. I can honestly say that this is my favourite space in the entire house now. 

And as I sit in my new bedroom, on the chair in the corner, I am reminded that life can be viewed from a pessimistic place or an optimistic one. We can see the bad in everything or fight to look for the good. We can actually limit ourselves by the perspective we choose to take on any situation that we face. 

Too often I view the glass as half empty. I like to think of myself as an optimist and yet I worry and respond negatively to the smallest things. These things can add up, leaving me with a tainted perspective on life. 

You might be facing a big change in life like a new baby coming, a new school year or even moving to a new city. It may be that you are in a season of seeing many little changes stack up on one another like shifts in friendships, a change of schedule or even moving your bedroom to a loft. It can be easy to see the challenges in every season, the cramped spaces or the things that you are going to lose by saying goodbye to something else. But I encourage you to hold onto the hope that there can be so much more good than bad in the changes that we face.

It may just surprise you how much you like having space for a chair in the corner, or a window open at night, or a larger bedside table for your books. 

When we choose to only look at the possibility of the bad, we are cutting ourselves short. We are setting ourselves up for frustration, anxiety and worry. When we focus on what we gain through change we actually get to enjoy the process a whole lot more! 

For my loyal readers who have been asking over the past year where my regular posts have gone, I apologize. It has been a year of wild change and some of the things I am passionate about have ended up on the back burner just kind of simmering. This blog has been one of them. I have had plans to re-brand and re-work my site for months but I am realizing that there is no point waiting for everything to be done before I write again. I’ve missed it! I am hoping to keep writing over the next several months but make sure you keep stopping by to check out some changes that are also on the way! 

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