Monday, 21 November 2016

If Only I Were You

Do you ever find yourself thinking that if you were someone else, you might be able to accomplish more with your life? That you might be able to make better friends, have greater patience with your kids or actually pass the course you are taking? 

I actually had the thought tonight that if I were a little bit taller, I might have greater influence. 

Yeah, seriously. How ridiculous is that? 

Sometimes we can become so consumed with what and who we are not that we forget who we are. We can think of a million things that we can’t do without acknowledging the things we are capable of. We point out the talent in others and only see the ways we do not measure up. With things like leadership abilities, organization, ease of conversation and, apparently, height. 

Our hearts can become distracted, disqualifying us from the things we ought to focus on, the things we ought to be doing. 

You see, it is our focus that determines the direction we will go. It is the same principle that applies when you are driving. If you focus on the ditch, that is where your car is going to go. If you focus on the fact that everyone else has a nicer car than you, you end up forgetting that you too are in a car. 

Sometimes I find myself looking at you and thinking, “Wow, if I were you I could do so many things. I wouldn’t doubt myself so much, I would follow through on my commitments more, and I certainly wouldn’t lose my patience.” 

If only I were you. 

And yet, I’m realizing that you may look at me and think the same thing. This isn’t a statement of pride but rather of reality. If I am looking to you, it only makes sense that you might be looking to me too. We find ourselves in this crazy situation of me seeing you as better and you doing the same to me. 

What might it look like if we actually empowered each other? If instead of living in this circle of insanity, as Albert Einstein described as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, we actually learned to accept the place we are and the abilities we find ourselves with. 

The self-doubt that drives us to inaction may actually give way to stepping forward with the talents that make us intricately our individual selves. To do something different.

You have a purpose and talents. You are needed just as you are. You don’t need to be me, and I don’t need to be you. And most importantly? We don’t need to waste our time trying to be each other. 

I needed this reminder tonight, so I thought you might too. 

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