Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Great Expectations

I spent most of the early part of 2016 very pregnant and very excited for the summer. I would spend time journaling about the long summer days that lay ahead. My little babe would be here, full of life and extremely cooperative to anything I wanted to accomplish, my body would be back in peak condition, and I would have no responsibility outside of taking care of our daughter. I pictured myself working out each day and dropping below pregnancy weight quickly - maybe even sporting a bikini before I hit vacation in August. I pictured long walks in the humid free air. I thought about the delicious meals I would make, getting healthy in all areas of life. I saw myself sitting in Starbucks, with sleeping baby in tow, enjoying coffee and investing in relationships that I just didn’t have enough time for before. 

HA! HA! HA! 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

I've Done Everything Wrong

With my baby turning two months old last week, I have found myself reflecting back on her little life so far. I’ve looked at the photos of her going from a straight-faced newborn to a smiling, kicking infant. I’ve remembered the labour experience and bringing her home from the hospital. I’ve even put away many of her outgrown clothes, tucking them in the closet and pulling out some new ones. But in the midst of all of my reflection, I’ve realized something that I haven’t always wanted to acknowledge. 

I’ve done almost everything wrong.