Monday, 6 June 2016

A Picture of Motherhood

It has been four weeks, just shy of a full month, since Kenzington entered the world as a flailing, crying newborn baby. As I write this she squirms beside me, full of personality, stretching and yawning as she wakes to start the day (or at least eat again).

Last week I decided that we needed to take a few photos of Kenzie where I was actually in them. I quickly fed her, wrapped a curling iron through my hair and put on mascara for what seemed like the first time since she was born. We headed outside and I had Brandon snap a few. After we were finished (Kenzie’s choice) we came in and I began to scroll, loving her expressions and feeling pleased with how I looked in the shots. And then I came across it, a photo that for me perfectly captures my experience of motherhood.