Friday, 23 October 2015

The News is Out!

Earlier this week Brandon and I had the great joy of finally sharing our baby news!

We had been waiting a long time to share the big news. Although there is the suggested timeline of waiting three months to share, the dream of us having a baby was planted much longer ago. Through long nights talking about timelines, debates about how to balance a growing family and school, thoughts about finances and several months of disappointment once we decided we wanted a baby, the journey to parenthood is one that has not been a straight path. And that is okay! I am well aware that having a baby will bring along many twists and turns, teaching me things that I never really imagined I could learn.

And the learning has certainly already begun!

Throughout my first trimester I have learned several things about pregnancy that I never really knew (or had to know) before. So, naturally, I thought I would share the top ten things I’ve learned in my first trimester here!

1// You can trust the cheap pregnancy tests

A few months ago we ordered pregnancy tests online from China. They were extremely inexpensive and pretty basic in how they worked. I was simply tired of spending $10 per test at the drug store here! When I stared in disbelief at the positive test, I almost doubted the result because in was a cheap test! Brandon and I headed out to the store to buy an expensive digital one, just to make sure. And the result? Positive, just like the cheap-y.

2// Your sense of smell might go crazy

I first noticed this when I walked into our apartment just after Brandon had made a tuna sandwich. I honestly thought I was going to faint, the smell was so strong (and disgusting)! Now I find I can smell out the faintest scent... and it is not always the most pleasant experience!

3// Not everyone gets sick...

...and I know how lucky I am that I didn’t! I’ve certainly heard the horror stories of people who lived in their bathroom for the first three months and that is definitely what I expected to experience. Yes, I did feel a bit nauseous weeks 6-9 but with the help of saltine crackers and a lot of water, it wasn’t too bad. I kept expecting things to get worse, and thought there might be something wrong because I wasn’t sick. In reality, everyone has different symptoms and it really isn’t anything to worry about.

4// The Internet can be your best friend and worst enemy

When I first found out I was pregnant, I quickly downloaded the best-reviewed pregnancy apps and began following a pregnancy community board. Although I love reading through others experiences, it also has caused me to worry much more than necessary. Many people post about the things that are going wrong in their pregnancy, causing you to start scrutinizing every cramp or twinge you might feel. Needless to say, I’ve taken a break from reading the posts... it’s not worth the worry!

5// Your clothes might get tight really fast

I was surprised how quickly it became uncomfortable to wear my jeans. It is a bit of a strange psychological experience to go from having a flat stomach to become bloated constantly (with a bit of tiny baby mixed in there). I have to remind myself quite a bit that the baby is growing... and I will be getting much bigger! I’ve also learned that there is no shame living in leggings. Comfort is key!

6// Exhaustion is a real thing

I am tired all the time! Growing a baby is seriously hard work on your body and slowing down is key... something I am certainly not good at (at all!). I’ve heard that this passes in the second trimester, but for now, I feel like I could sleep at any time. I’ve been told to enjoy the sleep now because it won’t be there once the baby arrives!

7// Sharing the news can be vulnerable

I was surprised how hesitant I was to share the news. What if something goes wrong? What if it makes someone sad because of loss they have experienced? What if this isn’t actually real (I know, ridiculous!)? Although I was excited to finally have the secret out there, it can also be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. But, in the end, I know the love and support outweighs any fear.

8// Seeing your baby for the first time is life changing

When the ultrasound technician called Brandon into the room and let me sit up to take a peak at the screen, we were both struck by how incredible it was to see our little baby. The baby moved around, waving his or her little arms, with his or her heart fluttering like crazy. We walked out with the printed pictures, awestruck at the little life growing inside of me!

9// Wild dreams are not a myth

I haven’t had a single night go by that I haven’t had some sort of crazy dream. Although I don’t remember all of them, it seems that nothing is off the table when your hormones are changing this drastically. I definitely thought crazy pregnancy dreams were a myth... I was wrong.

10// Pregnancy is a learning experience

I am learning to be patient throughout the process! It is hard to always remember there is a baby in there when you can’t see him or her all the time. I’m learning that pregnancy doesn’t happen the same for everyone. I used to think that it would be so easy to become pregnant, and I’ve learned that that is not always the case. I’m learning that it is okay to be worried but becoming fearful isn’t helpful for anyone. And most of all, I am learning to depend on God in a new capacity.


  1. This post made me cry just reminiscing of my last year. Enjoy EVERY MOMENT of your pregnancy. And once your little baby is here enjoy every moment of that as well (and you may luck out and get sleep after all). They grow so fast it's hard to believe. I am so excited for your new journey!

  2. This post made me cry just reminiscing of my last year. Enjoy EVERY MOMENT of your pregnancy. And once your little baby is here enjoy every moment of that as well (and you may luck out and get sleep after all). They grow so fast it's hard to believe. I am so excited for your new journey!