Friday, 30 October 2015

Your Calling Is Not Your Career's Competition

“I’m not a business man,” Hatashita said. “My heart is in missionary work.”

I read these words today as I learned of the closing of a 55 year-old jewelry business in my community. The full article can be found here. Although the feat of running a successful business for over five decades is enough to make the paper, I was surprised by the humility demonstrated in his words.

Through the money he acquired in running a successful business, he was able to help fund 35 church plants overseas. Truly incredible.

Friday, 23 October 2015

The News is Out!

Earlier this week Brandon and I had the great joy of finally sharing our baby news!

We had been waiting a long time to share the big news. Although there is the suggested timeline of waiting three months to share, the dream of us having a baby was planted much longer ago. Through long nights talking about timelines, debates about how to balance a growing family and school, thoughts about finances and several months of disappointment once we decided we wanted a baby, the journey to parenthood is one that has not been a straight path. And that is okay! I am well aware that having a baby will bring along many twists and turns, teaching me things that I never really imagined I could learn.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Simple Trick for a Big Problem

Although midterms have become a bit of a distant (and repressed) memory for me since graduating from my undergrad a couple years ago and moving into a graduate program where papers are the fad, I can certainly feel the October craziness around the campus.

The warm days of September seem far away as the cool nights settle in this first week of October. Pumpkin spiced everything can keep us going as the reality of busyness and never ending demands settle in.

Maybe you are not a student, but maybe you can feel the shift.