Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Marriage Lessons from a Coffee Grinder

In August Brandon and I celebrated three years of marriage (woohoo!). Although we are still fairly novice in the realm of marital bliss, there has certainly been a range of opportunities for us to learn and develop as a married couple. From trips across the world to trips around the block, from moving apartments to moving the dishes from the table to the sink, from broke students to still-broke pastors we have certainly had various chances to gain bits of wisdom regarding marriage.

But in all of the experiences, one certainly stands out... the coffee grinder argument.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Expand Yourself

A few months ago Brandon and I participated in a personality inventory. As a student of psychology, I was all for the never-ending questionnaire, excited for the results to tell me something new and exciting about myself. To no surprise, when the results came in, Brandon and I found that we had many similar qualities in our personalities. We both appreciate others being upfront, we both like to be validated and affirmed, and of course, we both like to lead.