Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You Have the Choice, but Do You Have the Will?

Earlier this week I talked about the ability we have to choose

Look at the situation, make a choice, and be a better person. Easy right?

No, sometimes it really isn’t.

Although we have the power to choose sometimes we don’t have the will to actually make the choice.

This can be the missing piece that bridges the gap from who you are and who you want to be. I am learning that willpower is so necessary in actually taking the opportunity to make a choice. Your will is the how behind your choices. It is the driving factor. It actually determines your ability to choose.

So how is willpower developed?

We need to start by looking to our motivation. What motivates you? Why are you making the choices you are? Who do you want to be?

We need to ask ourselves the hard questions in order to grasp the choices that we actually can make. You have the power to choose in your life but you may not have the willpower to make the choice.

If you want to start reading more but are having a tough time picking up the book, remind yourself why you want to do this. Is it to relax? Learn something? Pass your exam? Whatever the reason, set that motivation in front of you, give yourself the best chance to actually succeed in the choices you make.

If you want to stop gossiping but seem to jump into the conversation at every chance, stop for a second to see what is motivating this. You are choosing to gossip, so what might stretch your will to choose not to?

Your motivation will determine your willpower and your willpower will determine your choices.

So as you embrace your power to choose, don’t forget to look to the why. Give yourself the best chance to make the choices you actually hope to make. Don’t underestimate the power of your will.

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