Friday, 21 August 2015

Taking the Leap

Things have just gotten very real and very exciting!

Over the past several months I have had the desire to pursue different areas that I am passionate about in a more formal capacity but have been wayyy to nervous to actually put it into practice.

Do you ever find this yourself?

You have a passion but are too fearful/nervous/prideful/uncertain to actually go after what you are dreaming of doing? Do you find that you remain stagnant simply because you are too afraid of the ‘what-ifs’ that lie ahead?

Yeah, me too.

I have realized that the gripping power of fear that has kept me from pursuing certain things can no longer have control over my life. Just as I have choice in a variety of different things, I certainly have choice about what I give power to.

And fear will not remain one of those things.

With that being said, I am literally taking a LEAP of faith in making some a lot of changes in my life, specifically relating to finances. I have learned that if you are unsatisfied in your place, and God has given you a dream to pursue change, then making the choice to switch things up is totally appropriate.

And so, with both feet springing off the cliff I am leaping into two new areas that will hopefully bring in a little bit of money while creating a lot of joy: writing and photography.

I have always loved to write (as evidenced by this blog) but never really thought that I could actually write for money. I never thought of myself as good/creative/well-versed/educated enough to actually write articles that people might want to read. But thanks to some encouragement from friends and family, the example set to me by other writers and the faithful readers of The Days to Come Blog (which has far exceeded any expectations I may add – so thank you!) I am finally calling myself a freelance writer.

Several days ago I submitted my first ever article to Her View From Home and guess what? It was accepted! The article goes live on August 30! This was beyond my expectations and such a testament to pursuing greater goals than I thought myself capable. Now, of course I can prepare myself for much rejection, but it isn’t so much about those who say ‘no’ as it is the chance that someone might say ‘yes!’

I have been dappling in photography since I had a major camera upgrade earlier this year. I have always loved catching the moments that can too easily slip us by. I have just launched a new photography business Thirty One : Twenty Five Photography that I am beyond excited about! I will focus in on couples, portraits, maternity and family – basically any lovely moment someone wants captured.

And after announcing this newest endeavor this morning, I already have made a booking – once again, beyond my expectations.

I am learning that when you step out in faith, humility and fresh perspective, the opportunities are endless.

Is there something on your heart that you have desired to pursue but something is holding you back? Don’t let it. Make the leap. You have something to offer that no one else possibly can.

So as I currently feel like I am flying through the air, feeling the rush of adrenaline, I am praying that I stick the landing... but even if I don’t, I will get back up and jump again. Because that is what you do when fear no longer holds you back.

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  1. That's amazing Emma! Good for you! I always enjoy reading your blogs. I'm confident you are going to do well with both photography and writing!