Friday, 21 August 2015

Taking the Leap

Things have just gotten very real and very exciting!

Over the past several months I have had the desire to pursue different areas that I am passionate about in a more formal capacity but have been wayyy to nervous to actually put it into practice.

Do you ever find this yourself?

You have a passion but are too fearful/nervous/prideful/uncertain to actually go after what you are dreaming of doing? Do you find that you remain stagnant simply because you are too afraid of the ‘what-ifs’ that lie ahead?

Yeah, me too.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You Have the Choice, but Do You Have the Will?

Earlier this week I talked about the ability we have to choose

Look at the situation, make a choice, and be a better person. Easy right?

No, sometimes it really isn’t.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Reclaiming Your Power to Choose

Okay, who invited Autumn back to Ontario so soon?

Before we left on vacation at the end of July it was all shorts and shades. The sun stayed out late, the heat swept through the screen on our door and I was in constant need of a pool.

Since getting back from the South it seems that this chill in the air is a bit premature! Bring back the heat!

With that being said, I am still happy (for the most part) to be home! I certainly miss the pools, great company, American restaurants and an ocean just a few steps away but with all of the excitement going in our lives back here, coming home wasn’t too bad.