Monday, 15 June 2015

Old Quebec, QC

I have always wanted to explore Quebec. Last fall when I was itching to a mini-getaway I stumbled upon beautiful images of old architecture, cobble-stone roads, and gorgeous views. I thought it must be in Europe but quickly learned that this little escape was just a province over, in Quebec City.

So when friends of ours asked if we wanted to travel to this quant city, there was no way we could have said no.

With the car packed, music on hand, and Google maps guiding the way, we started on the long road to QC. As we crossed the bridge connecting Ontario to Quebec, I mustered up the little French I had learned from my grade school days to explore this city (with a little help from my fluent friend).

We spent the first day on foot, checking into our flat and heading into the heart of Old Quebec. We were struck by the architecture and winding streets, ones that exude European charm. We stumbled upon all of the sights that line the brochures at the souvenir shops.

We walked along the boardwalk, looking out over the river and the houses below. The walls surrounding the city are nestled under the walkway, showcasing some of the vast history that this city holds.

We stumbled upon an old school courtyard, with basketball nets and towering walls, certainly a bit different from the schools I grew up in. 

“Our churches are our castles,” one tourism brochure stated. And so they are. The plain stone work on the outside of the buildings gives way to the towering beams, lit alters, and incredible artwork within.

With sore feet and empty stomachs we sought out a place to eat. We caught wind of some live music and were drawn to the crowds, finding ourselves at a little Italian spot, La Piazzetta, which truly has the best thin crust pizza. The waitress was so sweet, offering us the English she knew. I would certainly stop by here again!

On our way back to the flat after a packed full evening we popped into an antique shop off the road. Brandon bartered with the clerk for an old bag that caught his eye, but our frugality prevailed and we walked away empty handed.

The adventures of day one left us exhausted yet craving more. I can’t wait to share the beautiful falls that we explored the next morning...

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