Thursday, 18 June 2015

Eating in a Post Office

On our final night in Quebec, Bethany led the way to a great little spot for dinner.

Le Bureau de Poste is a little restaurant sitting on the corner of a busy street. We approached and the line spanned out the door, evidence of good food! We joined the line and waited for our turn.

By far the best part about this old post office turned restaurant is that every item on the menu costs a mere $4.95. Every. Single. Item.

Poutine, nachos, burgers (oh my!).

Of course with the meals costing so little, we had to order more than one dish. We had poutine, onion rings and burgers... basically everything greasy you could possibly choose.

But don’t worry, they had salad on the menu too!

After stuffing ourselves we headed over to find the one place I really wanted to see in Quebec City.

Small rabbit trail starts now...

When I was searching Quebec City in the fall, it just so happened to be around the same time that Brandon and I went through a Leonardo DeCaprio kick (I mean, who hasn’t?). We had just watched one of the best, Catch Me If You Can, and as I scrolled through the photos on Google images of Old Quebec, I noticed that there was a church that looked oddly familiar to the one in ‘France’ that Leo sneaks off to.

It all clicked. And I needed to see the spot that Leo got caught.

The square was absolutely beautiful, holding every bit of European charm that you could hope for in a Canadian city. Tourists wandered about, drank coffee, and shopped along the street. We walked through the narrow street as dusk settled in. After finally finding some maple toffee we ordered a coffee and settled in on a patio, chatting late into the evening.

We swung back through the square on the way back to our flat and the church was beautifully lit.

The next morning to end off our trip, as our travel buddies headed over to walk through history, Brandon and I found our way to a fantastic little coffee shop. Not only did this place make Brandon’s eyes grow wide over the coffee selection, the staff were super friendly. We relaxed for the morning, talking with one another before the long car ride home. Overall, the trip was great, exploring a bit more of this great country.

Bonne journée!

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