Sunday, 24 May 2015

Stealing Away the Moments: Niagara Glen

Just as Spring has hit us full force in Southern Ontario and Summer is following closely in its footsteps, I am finding myself in the midst of a season. With every turn I am looking for inspiration, new insights, and things that I am learning. It seems that just as each season brings with it certain telling characteristics that spring, summer, fall or winter has come upon us, the seasons of writing also have tell-tale signs. There are times where I simply cannot type fast enough to pull my thoughts together, flooding in like an overdue Spring thunder-storm. There are other times when I walk through a dry spell, putting down my notebook and picking up a glass of lemonade as though it was a hot August day. As life goes through seasons and changes, it seems I do too.

Life has certainly been busy of the past couple of weeks, another reason for my dry spell here at The Days to Come Blog. Between starting a few intensive courses, some changes for the summer direction of our church, a new gym membership, and baseball season in full swing it seems that my days are full and sleep comes fast. Both things that can leave me feeling satisfied and productive, if not pushed too far.

And when the days become long it is so important to steal away the moments, especially with the one you love the most. As Brandon and I run from meeting to meeting, class to church, bed to gym we have to plan to be together. We have to know when to take a break.

This weekend we got to steal away some much needed moments. Piggy backing on a baseball tournament planned in Niagara Falls that Brandon was coaching at we booked a night away. With phones shut off and an upgraded room upon arrival we were set for a relaxing night. We headed out for dinner, Italian naturally, and reminisced of our time in Italy at this time last year. We took advantage of the coupons that came with our hotel package, playing mini putt (I won), making new friends in laser tag and getting lost in a hallway of mirrors. We strolled along the falls and called it a night with the recorded Survivor finale that we had been waiting impatiently to finally watch (yes, we still watch that show).

The next morning we headed out to Niagara Fall’s best kept secret, Niagara Glen. Just a few kilometers down the road, between the Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Glen is a beautiful spot for hiking. It is far enough from the Falls that it is not crawling with tourists and from the roadside looks like a simple picnic area. We happened upon the trails a couple of years ago always promising to come back when we had more time.

We spent the sunny afternoon exploring the Glen, following a map that another hiker had passed along to us. We followed the trail most of the time, making our own way down the side to get to a cool rock or two jutting out along the river. We followed the strong currant down, waving to American hikers across the water. We climbed through thick forest and giant rocks marveling at how untouched this place seemed.

As we took a moment to relax by a natural spring, a bear like creature came bounding around the corner. A big playful pup ran down, obviously familiar with his natural drinking spot with his owner not far behind. We stumbled upon a 'prom-posal' and one of us took advantage of some of the natural gym equipment (hah). 

With some fresh air in our lungs we headed off to a weekend filled with baseball. With Brandon coaching, I sat like a rookie on the stands, covered in blankets over my thin sweater as the cold spring air blew by, proof that despite the warm days, summer is not upon us yet.

It was a great little getaway, refreshing us and orienting us. It is so important to take the time to get away. No matter what your budget is, try to find a night that you can take as yours. It makes a difference. It brings you closer. As you explore, discover and walk alongside one another without a phone in hand, a meeting to get to, or a priority to discuss, you grow closer. So if you are looking for a great little place, find a WagJag or Groupon deal at the Falls and then head over to Niagara Glen, you won’t be disappointed!

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