Friday, 29 May 2015

A Banana Bread Recipe You Have to Try

Banana bread. A delicious mixture of old banana, flour and sugar to make a moist loaf that kind of, sort of, sounds healthy. I mean, there is fruit in the name right? I think there should be a rule that if there is fruit in the name then calories don’t count. Apple pie, blueberry crumble, strawberry jam... you get the point!

This morning as I sat down to begin my day I could not get the smell of extra ripe bananas out of my nose. Having a bunch of ripe, inedible bananas has become a rare commodity around our place. We literally go through about twenty bananas a week.

But with being away for a few days, the bananas on our counter became a bit brown and today the smell was just too much. I pulled out my recipe cards and decided to make a staple: moist, delicious and easy banana bread.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Stealing Away the Moments: Niagara Glen

Just as Spring has hit us full force in Southern Ontario and Summer is following closely in its footsteps, I am finding myself in the midst of a season. With every turn I am looking for inspiration, new insights, and things that I am learning. It seems that just as each season brings with it certain telling characteristics that spring, summer, fall or winter has come upon us, the seasons of writing also have tell-tale signs. There are times where I simply cannot type fast enough to pull my thoughts together, flooding in like an overdue Spring thunder-storm. There are other times when I walk through a dry spell, putting down my notebook and picking up a glass of lemonade as though it was a hot August day. As life goes through seasons and changes, it seems I do too.

Life has certainly been busy of the past couple of weeks, another reason for my dry spell here at The Days to Come Blog. Between starting a few intensive courses, some changes for the summer direction of our church, a new gym membership, and baseball season in full swing it seems that my days are full and sleep comes fast. Both things that can leave me feeling satisfied and productive, if not pushed too far.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Portraits// Courtney

This weekend we packed the car and headed off to Ottawa to spend some down time with family. Although the trip was short, it was so worth it. 

While we were away I grabbed my sister-in-law and took some shots. We wandered off into the woods, finding some water as we went. It was such a great time taking pictures of one of my favourite people.

Friday, 8 May 2015

A Full Life on a Tight Budget

Brandon and I got married young, I mean 20 years young. In a time when people are delaying adulthood, driving after careers, and travelling the world, it is no surprise that a lot of jaws drop when I tell people how old young I was when I got married. And that is okay. Marriage as a young twenty-something is certainly not for everyone.

And of course, we never like to do things the easy way, so we decided to get married smack dab in the middle of university. We like to keep things fun and exciting.

So not only were we broke university students, we were married broke university students. We had to learn very fast what part money would play in our lives and how much importance we wanted to give it. Would money control our decisions about school and careers? Would money be put on a throne demanding our emotions, arguments, time, and effort?  

No, it wouldn’t. And it still doesn’t... although it tries to.

Now, money is certainly an important thing. We need money to be able to eat, have shelter, and do many of the things we enjoy. But it seems that too often our money controls us and we do not control our money.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Where Are You Rooted?

Today I am relishing my freedom. With the start of three new courses coming up in just over a week and work hours picking up, I am unabashedly taking full advantage of this short time at a slower pace.

With Brandon still going full tilt, I am taking this time to do some things that fill me up... going to the mall, digging into a few books, meeting up with a few friends. I’m trying to heed some of my own advice that I have shared to others. My favourite saying comes from a much-loved professor, “You need to be fed to feed others.” And so, I am taking some time to feed myself.