Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday was a Good Friday

Good Friday has always been a mixture of remembrance, good food, and family. The morning started bright and early with flour flying and butter crumbling. With a pancake breakfast in store at noon, the first thing on the schedule was baking cinnamon buns.

After tempting myself with delicious smells we headed to church to take time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice. Although there is a solemn atmosphere to Good Friday, I certainly cannot be too down, for I know the story does not end here.

For as long as I can remember we have spent Good Friday at my aunt and uncle’s house eating to our heart’s content. There are pancakes galore plus every sugary treat you can imagine. Blueberries, strawberries, and pastry stuffed with cinnamon.

It seems that as the family continues to grow, so does the stack of pancakes.

After filling myself to the brim I came home to fulfill my ‘mandatory date idea’ that was supposed to happen last night... but as sometimes happens, things get busy, and adjustments are made... and sometimes that makes life more fun. 

So with eggs boiled ahead of time, we ventured into dying eggs naturally... and... it worked!

I boiled blueberries, onion skins and coffee and dipped the hard eggs into the liquid.

Pale blues, yellows and brown emerged; pretty pastels that you can’t quite get with the typical food colouring.

As I mentioned, this was so simple! 

I boiled a handful of blueberries in some water for about five minutes. I strained the berries and left the liquid in a mug. I did the same with some onion skins. I also made a mug of coffee to try. I soaked the eggs in the mugs for various times to get different shades of the colours. Easy! 

With whatever you are doing this weekend – eating too much chocolate, dying eggs, spending time with family – I hope that you enjoy it. I encourage you to try something new... boil onion skins and dip eggs in the water, write in a journal, bake a new dessert. Take some time to reflect on what Easter is really all about.

Happy Easter!

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