Wednesday, 22 April 2015

24 Reasons to Love Him, Happy Birthday Babe

Today is a very special day in the Richardson household... it is my husband’s birthday. And of course, I am certainly going to use this as an opportunity to gush and brag in my little corner of the internet about this incredible man that I get to do life with...

To my husband of almost three years, my man of almost seven years, and a world-changer of twenty-four years, happy birthday. You are a man of great integrity, a tender heart, and a strong presence. You are my rock and show me each day how to be a better person. I love you.

He really is the best. And to celebrate turning the big 2-4, I thought I would share 24 things I love about this man on his birthday.

1 | The way he holds the door open for approaching strangers for far too long, just because he wants to go out of his way to be kind.

2 | How he is so ridiculously hard working, yet still makes time to cuddle me on the couch.

3 | His contagious laugh.

4 | The deep value he places on family.

5 | His foot dance.

6 | How he makes a commitment and sticks to it completely.

7 | The way he keeps our home neat and tidy.

8 | The generosity he has toward others, always asking if we can give more or do more.

9 | The way he holds my hand while he drives, and looks over with the biggest smile on his face.

10 | How he looks and smells... those muscles are certainly a distraction.

11 | How much he will hate me putting #10 on this list ;)

12 | His love for God, our church, and the dreams God has given him.

13 | His bottle tab collection that he is building up to donate.

14 | The way I can wear the highest of heels and still be shorter than him.

15 | How the simplest things become the absolute best, just because I get to experience them with him. 

16 | The way his eyes light up when he has just read something ‘mind blowing’.

17 | His style.

18 | The way he seeks justice and fairness in all he does.

19 | The way he puts himself last, so others can benefit.

20 | The way he tells stories.

21 | His wild, runaway imagination.

22 | His athletic ability... with literally every sport.

23 | How highly he speaks of others, even when they are not around. 

24 | The fact that the next 24 years, and the 24 after that, and the 24 after that... will be full of love, laughter, privileged experiences, and God’s grace... simply because I get to do them by his side.

And... what is a birthday without a birthday dance... and a bit of embarrassment... 

Love you babe, Happy Birthday! 


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