Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Vow to Put Down the Fitness Magazine

For the past year I have been receiving Fitness Magazine each month. I get excited as I flip through the pages of inspiring stories, recipes, and workouts that promise 2 inches off the hips by next week. Over the past 12 issues I have been noticing a trend though... every issue seems to offer the exact same thing... it never really changes! And just like the content of the magazine, month by month nothing really changes fitness wise with me either...

I love to be inspired...but this might be the only thing I love about fitness.

And yet, I totally believe in it.

I am certainly not an advocate for a sit on the couch, eat the chips, and just love your body mentality. Sit on the couch – yes! Take a break. Eat chips – absolutely! Have a treat. Love your body – certainly! This is extremely important.

But, don’t let loving yourself just as you are be an excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle.

We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves – mind, spirit, and body.

And this is the area that I, like many others, have fallen far too short.

No, I’m not overweight. But based on the lack of exercise, grab food as I run out the door (or not at all), and rush through everything mentality that I have been living lately, I certainly cannot say that I am living a healthy lifestyle.

The tricky part about realizing something, really having it come to the forefront, is that you can no longer plead ignorance. I am not ignorant to my late night snacks. I am not ignorant to my tightening waistband. And I am certainly not ignorant to my roller coaster ride of wanting to change and falling into the same old patterns.

I have been healthy before, and I can get there again.

And so, I thought I would let you in on my plan for a couple of reasons. First, accountability. It is always easier to cheat, stop trying, or just resort back to old ways when no one even knows you are trying to change! Secondly, maybe you want to make a change too. And you can do it. Feel free to do it with me!

So, here is the plan!

1// Always make the healthier choice.

White or multigrain? Multigrain. Chips or apple? Apple. Sugar cereal or smoothie? Smoothie. It is about making the healthier choice as much as possible in your diet. I find counting calories and trying to put too many restrictions on what I eat, well, too restricting.

2// No snacking after 9pm.

I am notorious for getting home from a late shift and grabbing something salty to munch on in front of the TV. Can you relate? Eating late at night tends to be mindless and going to sleep on a full stomach is not a good idea! Sip on a glass of water instead. Not as exciting, I know, but it will keep you busy and help you get your water intake.

3// Exercise four times a week.

That is only three times during the week and once on the weekend! Totally possible. This goes into setting your schedule for the week in advance. If you know when you will be working out, what you will be doing and have your work out gear ready then you are more likely to stick with the plan! My goal is to jog twice a week and do a workout video twice a week. This leaves room for changes in weather and it is totally free.

So, will you join me? The goal is to be healthier and more balanced by the time the warm months hit! It is not so much about a number on the scale but rather an entire lifestyle.

No more excuses. No more burrowing away. No more flipping through Fitness with chips in hand and butt on the couch.

It’s time to get healthy.

It is time to put down the fitness magazine.

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