Sunday, 4 January 2015

Only Mist

Do you ever have those days?

You know, those days... the days when nothing seems to go right. It is not any one thing that can easily be pointed to with an ‘ah-ha that must be it’ thought. It is rather just a feeling. A touch of tiredness mixed with a dab of laziness all stirred into a feeling of just being down.

It’s not depression or sadness by any means. I really have nothing to be sad about. It is just a bit of gloom. A mood that reflects the sloshy streets and overcast skies that cloud the day.

Perhaps it is the taking the balls off of the Christmas tree as we pack away the holiday season. Or the quietness that rests in our home after a few weeks of being with friends and family. Maybe it is just the need for a nap.

But today is, unfortunately, one of those days.

And yet, it is on these days when all I want to do is mope around that I need to focus on the good the most. It is in these times that dwelling in a place of gratitude is most necessary.

It is easy to focus on the clouds. It is much harder to remind myself that just above the stretch of grey is the sun with all of its light and warmth. Just because the clouds sit close does not mean the sun is not there.

And so, today I choose gratitude (despite my desire to complain).

I choose to be thankful for the warmth of the fire in our cozy little apartment. I choose to be thankful for the job I have and my ability to work. I choose to be thankful that we have a church that is growing and developing. I choose to be thankful that I am healthy. I choose to be thankful that each day of 2015 brings new opportunity.

I choose to be thankful for God’s continued blessing. Even today, as Brandon expressed his concern of how we were going to fill the gas tank this week, I was handed a fifty-dollar bill out of the blue. Enough to fill up. Enough to take us where we need to go. A gift from someone who may not recognize how quickly God used her to answer our prayer.

I am thankful.

In taking a moment to stop, a moment to reflect, a moment to look beyond the clouds, I have found myself recognizing that those days do not hold me.

Because really, no matter how dense the clouds may look, just above always looks a bit brighter. 

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