Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015!

10, 9, 8…

As the clock ticks down and Ryan Seacrest points toward the dropping of the ball in New York City with other celebrities scattered on the stage, I find myself anxious for the clock to strike midnight while almost wanting to hold onto the old year.

“It will never be 2014 again!” I say in the midst of the countdown.

7, 6, 5…

The time is slipping away and there are only seconds left before the dawn of a new year. People are cheering, confetti is flying, and fireworks are set to go off.

4, 3, 2, 1…

“Happy New Year!”

The group cheers as another year has been welcomed in. Brandon leans in and gives me a kiss. The group smiles as we watch the thousands of people cheering, kissing, and celebrating.

A blank slate. A new year.

Social media reveals post after post of celebration, resolutions, and excitement over a fresh start. And I find myself in the same place. I hope, I dream, I look forward. The turning of the year, of the ever-ticking clock, is like turning over a new leaf.

And just as others create goals, resolutions, hopes, plans, and anything else you would like to call it, I find myself doing the same. But as I dream of what 2015 might hold, I find myself mentally drifting through 2014, thinking of the lessons I have learned and the challenges I have faced.

2014 was a year of change, growth, and humility. It is a year that I know I will eventually look back on and see as pivotal in my life, but for now, I am looking forward to closing the door on a year that held some of my greatest highs and most difficult lows.

And so, as I reflect, I have boiled down a couple of things I have gleamed out of my busy 2014:

I. There are beautiful corners in this world, even in my own backyard.
II. The more I learn, the less I seem to know (and that’s okay!).
III. I need to make sure that I feed myself in order to feed others.

Three simple statements seem much too short to sum up all of the lessons that 2014 had for me, and as I move into 2015, I hope that I can keep my eyes open to the things I will learn and the opportunities that will come across my path.

I want to be healthy, I want to use my time wisely, I want to dream bigger dreams.

As I find myself tired from a night of celebration, and stuffed full from a breakfast spread with friends this morning, I welcome the new year with an open mind and heart.

And I hope you do too. Take risks this year, try something new. Strive to be yourself and let yourself grow and blossom. Don't ever think you are finished learning. Be kind. Take time to rest. Reach out to others. Share your heart. Break that habit. 

Let others in. 

Make this year one to remember and don't take for granted the lessons learned in years past...

Hello 2015!

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