Friday, 24 October 2014

Tell Me I'm Beautiful

The sun shines through the window, warming my face as I tuck my feet further under the blanket.

Scratchy throat, tired eyes, aching head.

A morning where I moved from the bed to the couch, listening to Kelly and Michael banter back and forth, with no energy to even pour myself a bowl of cereal. Sure signs of a full fledged cold.

I whine to Brandon to tuck me in and bring me a bowl of Life. Is dairy good for a sore throat? Probably not. I will probably regret not having the oatmeal.

He heads out the door, off to face his busy day and I am left on the couch with too much time. Not enough energy to do school work and yet not tired enough to sleep.

I scroll through my newsfeed, twitter, and instagram. I see post after post of ‘selfies’, adventures, and buzzfeed lists to laugh through. I see inspirational quotes, recipes, and self-proclaimed goals filling status updates. Birthday celebrations, event requests, new ‘likes’ and friends.

So much going on in the little world that is only accessible by sitting behind a screen.

And I feel the comparison game begin.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Branches in the Yard

‘The sun always comes out after a storm.’

I have thrown out these words throughout the years in my attempt to encourage people who are in a difficult place. I have said this phrase with love, trust, and hope. I have optimistically pointed towards the light at the end of the tunnel without making much out of the tunnel itself.