Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Sure Victory

As I sat in a living room filled with leaders last night, passionate and enthusiastic about the days to come for The Embassy, the young adults church Brandon and I are pastoring in Waterloo, I felt a sense of excitement rising up. A readiness. A preparation for battle.

For many years I have considered it a complete necessity in faith to be prepared for battle. To recognize that when you are forging ahead for God, there will be things that will need to be fought against. To initiate combat, pull out the sword, and mentally prepare for the war that is about to take place.

And as these things swirled and replanted themselves in my mind, a voice came from the group.

“The battle is won,” she simply stated.

A simple truth that is so often forgotten. As we grab for our armour, swords, and skill we often forget that the fight has been fought and no matter what, in the end, God wins.

Regardless of anything that will be thrown at us in this journey of continuing a church on campus, regardless of the hardships, frustrations, and bombs exploding, we will prevail because we have already won through Him.

And the knowledge of a sure victory brings with it the casting out of fear.

It removes anxiety, worry, and the fear of loss. It provides an avenue for risk taking, big dreams, and dependence. It shoulders the times of confusion, difficulty, and change.

It allows us to know that if we seek Him, the battle will always be in our favour.

Now, there is nothing wrong for preparing for battle. We are shown in scripture the necessity of armour and preparation. We are told to be ready to step out and join the fight.

But when we are told we will win it should cause us to fight differently - with passion, fervor, and assurance.

As the battles rage in all of our lives – socially, spiritually, emotionally, politically – we can be sure that God is for us, and in the end, God wins. We don’t have to live in fear because no matter the hardships that come our way we will always come out on top.

It is time to stop inviting the enemy into the battle. It is time to stop opening the door and simply waiting for him to strike. It is time to remove unnecessary timidity in our lives.

It is time to rise up and declare our victory.

I believe that God has great things in store for The Embassy, for the campuses, for the city of Waterloo. I believe that God has new things in store for my marriage, personal growth, and understanding of who he is. I believe that regardless of the difficulties that already seem to be coming to the surface, in the end, we will win.

I believe this for you too because your battle is already won.

Because in the end, God wins.

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