Sunday, 13 July 2014

Jam Days of Summer

The days of summer seem to pass too quickly and I can hardly believe that we are already heading into the second half of July! At the beginning of the summer I wrote myself a list of several things I wanted to accomplish... I tried to make this list reasonable, tried to give myself a break considering how busy our lives have become and yet I have no real excuses to find myself  in the middle of July with relatively nothing done!

And so, I awoke today with a new sense of determination. I was set on finally going out to the strawberry patch and pick my yearly flat to make homemade strawberry jam to last us through the rest of the year.

I knew I was late... this was supposed to happen in June! Yet the weekends slipped by... to the point where I found myself this morning looking up the local farms with pick-your-own strawberries, only to find that the fields closed yesterday. I guess I learned my lesson...

Regardless of the loss of fun of picking my own, I headed out to Herrle's and bought some pre-picked ones in the store. They were juicy and fresh – thankfully I hadn’t totally missed strawberry season!

Joined by my sister-in-law, I spent the afternoon washing, slicing, and crushing strawberries. After filling twenty-four little jars (I hope this will be enough!) and cleaning the spilt sugar from the floor, we called it a day, leaving the jam to set.

I am glad that I was able to get something checked off of the list but a bit disappointed that I missed my chance to pick... guess I’ll have to wait for apple picking in the fall!

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