Monday, 9 June 2014

All of the Weddings

Whew! Life has gotten extremely busy since returning home from Sweden! Between starting a new pastoral position as a couple, taking up full-time babysitting, renovating our apartment and various other events in our lives I am finding little time to steal away by myself, let alone write! I am hoping that in the coming days I will be able to commit more time and thought into this blog.

Some of these ‘other events’ that are scattered through our lives include all the excitement of friends’ getting married this summer! Over the past several days I have attended two showers and a stag and doe. Tis the seasons for weddings and I truly love all of the excitement revolving around them! In less than a month I have the honour of standing alongside my dearest friend as she marries a great man. Hers was the first of the two showers and with 50 guests and me delegating the shower tasks I would say it was actually quite the success!

We spent most of Saturday with two close friends – Rich and Kiya. These two tie the knot at the beginning of August. We could not have been more excited to do everything we could to raise these two some money at their stag n’ doe. From raffles, to games, to a bonfire at night, the day was wonderful. Many people attended, money was raised, and the sun shone bright. It was great to gather with good friends and come alongside to support such a deserving couple.

On Sunday I found myself driving to Peterborough for the beautiful Kendra’s shower. Her wedding is not until the fall, the time of year that suits her perfectly, but she was back in Ontario visiting for a week in order to stand as a maid of honour at her close friend’s wedding – as I said, it is the season for weddings! It was a small gathering that allowed for great conversation and quality time – something I can’t get enough of with her!

With all of these weddings and wedding planning underway, I continually find myself reflecting back on our big day and how much has changed since then. Our relationship has deepened and flourished. Although we are only two years into this long journey of marriage, I feel like we have learned so much already about ourselves as individuals and together. I am grateful for the opportunity to not only grow old with my husband but also to grow up with him.

We are definitely finding that things are never a dull moment around here lately and are truly jumping into a place that our marriage has not seen before – a new adventure that will push us to grow, flex, and mold into an even more fulfilled image of what we can be together. I look forward to writing more of the ins and outs of life but for now it is time to sleep!

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