Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Walk for Two

When Brandon and I were just weeks out from our wedding day, a friend asked me what I was most looking forward to once I was married.

“Being alone together,” I replied.

And this remains the truth almost two years later. Some of the most treasured times I spend with my man are surrounded by great friends and family but nothing compares to those moments where the two of us can slip away and be alone together. The quiet chats, moments of laughter, and times of silence are so refreshing.

Just yesterday I was chatting with a friend about the importance of spending time with your significant other that is free from distraction and other areas of life that call for our attention. Sometimes it is nice to just steal away and enjoy a few moments to yourselves. Today after church we did just that, taking a few moments to enjoy the beautiful early summer weather by taking a walk along the Grand River. 

As life grows busier and busier the importance of intentionally making time grows too. And since Brandon and I are working through apartment renovations, new jobs, and a change in city with lots to explore, we are realizing that time alone is important in order to stay connected, dream of tomorrow, and get centered as a couple.

Here are a few date ideas that I hope that Brandon and I will get to do by the end of this summer -  I thought I would share so that you could enjoy them too!

1.    Canoeing down the Grand River
2.    Late night ice cream and star gazing
3.    Movies in the park (for those in KW, find info here)
4.    Picnic in Waterloo Park
5.    Biking along some of the beautiful trails in St. Jacobs
6.    Garage sale (sorting through the stuff can become a date in itself!)
7.    The Buskers Uptown Waterloo
8.    Going to Canada’s Wonderland with just each other

Although many of these cost a touch of money, at least one of these is (hopefully) going to make us some money! There are so many trails, lakes, and cozy restaurants to discover that I think our very tiny date night budget may have to grow!

Feel free to share any date ideas you have... I would love to try something new!

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