Sunday, 4 May 2014

Someone's Story

This morning was an early wake-up call. Like 2:30am early. I found myself in the back of a taxi headed to the train station to catch a flight back to Sweden after an amazing four-day conference in London. My new day was beginning while others who wandered about the streets had yet to finish their night.

The cab driver, a man of few words as I learned when I prompted him to chat with little response, navigated through the winding streets, half-listening to his guide of the GPS. As I sat in a sleepy daze, looking out over the empty office buildings and watching the headlights pass through the early morning darkness, I began to wonder what this cab driver has experienced. What stories would he tell around the dinner table amongst friends? Who are the people that he has driven around that have been conversational? Impactful? Memorable?

We all work or interact with people in some capacity in our everyday lives. We experience funny situations and have awkward encounters with complete strangers. This taxi driver probably has one of the greatest abilities to be around people in a ‘fly on the wall’ capacity by silently hearing the thoughts and conversations that take place in that back seat.

I wonder if he has ever been driving a woman who suddenly goes into labour, or has been threatened by an irate passenger. I wonder if he has ever had someone get sick in the back, or a group of giddy girls laughing about their London adventures.

I wonder who he meets that become the lead role in his stories.

For a split second I thought about becoming the person that he would tell a story about to his wife, kids, or friends. What if I just rolled down the window and yelled, or started to sing at the top of my lungs. How would he react? Perhaps he would pull over and drop me off prematurely, or maybe he would just keep driving, bewildered by the crazy person in the backseat. Regardless, I’m sure he would tell someone the story, and I would be part of it.

Perhaps in life we should not strive to be part of someone’s story in the sense that we have acted ridiculous, but just maybe we should strive to live a life that we are part of someone’s story through our generosity, love, and compassion. You see, when you are intentionally living in a way to impact others, you become part of their story and the stories they tell. You begin to impact them so that they may be inspired to impact others.

We should be living lives so radical in our kindness and love that others can’t help but to tell of that person who simply gave to them for no apparent reason or who was so nice when they just needed someone to be there.

Are you part of the story? Are you living in such a way that people are impacted?

By being part of someone’s story, you could impact and change someone’s personal life story. What would happen if our ability to meet a need when we see it might be brought up to that person’s friends and family?

Stories are impactful, they inspire, and they create movement. So, we need to ask ourselves, whose story am I a part of?

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