Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Our Last Few Days

Our last few days in Sweden have been filled with beautiful weather and exploration.

Yesterday while Victoria was in school, we wandered down to an old neighbourhood in the city. The huge cathedral at the outskirts of the neighbourhood welcomed us as we wandered in, stepping gingerly over the grave stones that spread across the floor of the church and speaking in hushed tones careful not to disturb the group gathered in prayer at the back. The organ began to play and I was in awe of the history and richness that this place offered.

After leaving the church, we meandered through the neighbourhood stopping to take photos of all the picturesque red houses that line the roads. It was a morning of chatting, laughing, and enjoyment.

After picking up Victoria we went to a small indoor market to check out some local businesses. The place smelled just like the farmer’s market in St. Jacobs, a taste of home! Vendors had locally grown vegetables and fresh meat. We stopped for awhile with coffee before heading home for a barbeque and relaxing night.

As we awoke this morning the sun streamed through the blinds. It seems to get brighter a little earlier each morning here as the days creep towards midsummer, a day when the sun never sets! Luke looked around the corner, “Well, today is a beach day,” and so, to the beach we went. The amazing thing about Västerås is that there is a little taste of everything all in one space! After a quick ten minute drive we found ourselves standing on a grassy beach looking over the water.

The boys threw the baseball around while I relaxed on the blanket, taking in the peace before our day of travels tomorrow.

We set up Kubb, a Swedish game that is beyond simple (for some people) and fun to play. The morning was fresh and inviting, a perfect way to spend our final day in Sweden!

We finished off by the harbour, munching on french fries and enjoying the breeze. Ice cream was eaten and laughs were had. We are sad to head back to reality tomorrow but are excited for everything that this next season in our lives has in store!

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