Monday, 5 May 2014

London Calling

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” (Samuel Johnson)
The city of London, a place that one would think of royalty, historic sites, and the tube. A place of economic wealth, shopping, and tourism. A city that I finally got to explore with my sister-in-law over the weekend.

After just being in Sweden for a day, Victoria and I jumped on a plane and took the short trip over to England. We went there for Colour Conference, an incredible women’s conference that I will surely talk about another time.

On one of the days we slipped away, hopped on the tube, and ventured into the heart of the city. As we climbed up from the underground, Big Ben towered over us.

The rush of tourists, the cool of the rain, the beauty of the city. It all seemed to collide together within the first moments of seeing the city. I looked one way and saw beautiful Big Ben and the parliament buildings and then turned to look upon the London eye. I was amazed how close all of these sites were across the city.

We wandered along the streets, dodging tourists and snapping photos. At one point we were able to slip away from the throngs of people to a quiet little street that seemed to capture the true heart of London.

We headed to some green space, hiking through St. James park. The skies were drizzling, the birds were chirping, and the life of the city was all around us. As we crossed a bridge we caught the first glimpses of Buckingham Palace.

We moved through closer and closer until we got right to the gates. It is amazing to think of the history surrounding this place, the people who have visited, the royals that have lived.

We walked around and in true tourist style, snapped photos of all the amazing sites. We stumbled upon Piccadilly Circus, were in awe of the beautiful Kensington gardens, and kept an eye out for the royals as we walked around the palace. We posed in phone booths, wondered at the double-decker buses, and agreed that the only true way to experience London was in the rain.

It was a lovely trip, and we were completely ‘knackered’ by the time we headed back to the hotel and out of the city.

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