Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Teacups and Cupcakes

I love weddings, especially other people’s weddings. Now, don’t get me wrong, planning my own wedding was a great experience but there is something about sharing the giddiness with a bride to be that brings me great joy. This summer I get to do this x3!

Everything from the engagement, to the showers, to the wedding itself is a time of excitement, preparation, and a step into the unknown. It is a time to discover more about yourself and your partner. It is a time where as a friend you can come alongside and help to make the experience great for a stressed out bride.

On Friday night we had a shower for my beautiful friend Kiya. Sarah and I met, planned, purchased, and decorated their little home with teacups and cupcakes. Friends were invited, gifts were opened, laughs were shared.

This wonderful friend of mine is going to be a beautiful, 'edgy' bride and I am excited to watch her grow and flourish as a wife! The night was full of laughter as she opened various gifts, from serving trays (which she promises she will use) to tea towels. Games of charades and guessing who said what were played, and all of us reminisced about funny times and stresses that accompany our lives.

One shower down, many to go as this summer of weddings kicks off!

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