Saturday, 12 April 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When you are full time students and part time employees at several different locations, it can be difficult to hang out with friends outside of the school environment. Plans change, school is stressful, and things do not always work out as you anticipate. So, in order to ensure that we would finally get that double date in with Hayden and Tracey, we planned this trip to the ball game before the first pitch of the season was even thrown.

We headed to the Rogers Centre, decked out in our Blue Jays gear.

The first stop, as usual, was my favourite hot dog stand. This street meat is so consistently good and cheap! I actually don’t even really like sausage but at a Jays game, it’s a staple.

We wandered into the 100s to check out all the pre-game action that was happening on the field. At the beginning of the season, all of the employees who work the aisles seem to be much better at their jobs than later in the season so we were quickly asked to find our actual seats, which were, of course, in the 500s.

We had a great view of the entire field from behind home plate. Pitches were thrown, bats swung, and runners came home. It was a night filled with laughter, cheering, and making memories.

And, of course on the way home, we had to make a pit stop at McDonalds, especially since dollar drink days are back!

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