Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sweet Syrup and Chopped Hair

I awoke today to a fresh layer of white fluff spread thin over the grass that just yesterday was desperately trying to make an appearance. How is this April!?

Although the bite of winter was still in the air, I bundled up alongside my husband and parents to make the traditional trek out to Elmira for the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. This annual event typically brings with it the promise of spring, yet this year the warm weather was nowhere to be found. Regardless, as we drove to the small town the trees were still tapped with buckets collecting the sticky stuff.

The crowds gathered, the maple syrup was poured, and cold pancakes were eaten. Although it was blustery and my toes nearly froze off, the vendors had shown up, creating a busy and exciting atmosphere.


It may have been the fastest that we have ever woven through all of the vendors. There was no sauntering about as in previous years, but we still were able to enjoy some maple fudge, kettle corn, and of course, cheese curds.

Although it may have been short lived, it was still a great way to enjoy local products and a little something sweet.  

Oh! I also squeezed in a hair appointment first thing this morning! Here are the before and after shots... it was time for something fresh!

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