Monday, 21 April 2014

Five Loves of Easter

 One Celebrating

I absolutely love getting the opportunity to set aside time to look towards the cross and celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection. It’s not about filling the weekend with various church services (although they were all great) but rather recognizing the sacrifice, the commitment, and the love that Christ poured out on that cross for all people. It is humbling to think about, important to rest upon, and encouraging to know that he doesn’t ask for perfect, he just asks for me.

This weekend three of my cousins were baptized on Easter Sunday. It was so great to see them make an even greater commitment of faith, choosing to live fully in Christ. They were done in a hot tub outside of the church. The weather was perfect and it was amazing to see all of the people gathered around in support and community.

Two Colouring eggs

A yearly tradition in my family’s household is to colour Easter eggs. Now, any belief in the Easter bunny is long gone (although I did see a number of bunnies hurrying around the neighbourhood in the past few days) but the tradition of hard boiling and colouring continues. I love hardboiled eggs so I definitely have no complaints having a couple dozen at my fingertips!

Three Being with family

The wonderful thing about getting married is that you get to take on a whole other family with all of their traditions and memories. Now, I know some people would strongly disagree with that being a ‘wonderful thing’ but I am truly blessed to say that my husband’s family is great. We always have a busy weekend with lots of driving when any holidays roll around but the pay off of getting to spend time with everyone is great.

We spent Good Friday with family, Saturday with family, and Easter Sunday with family! All of the running around, cooking, and touches of chaos build the memories and bring the laughs. I really am blessed.

Four Eating

Four big meals in three days... count me in. I can officially say that I am eternally stuffed after this weekend full of amazing food. We spent Good Friday enjoying a huge pancake breakfast at my aunt and uncle’s house, had a roast beef dinner at Nanny and Poppy’s, and then moved on to a ham dinner at one grandparents’ and a turkey at the other all in one day!

I love the prep, the cooking, and of course the eating. One of these years I will tackle a turkey dinner...

Five My husband

Unfortunately for Brandon, he is stuck writing two exams today, Easter Monday, and therefore has had to squeeze studying into every spare moment over this weekend. Yet, despite all of the stress and memorization, he was still able to juggle it all and came to all of the different dinners and outings.

One thing I love about him, and loved seeing this weekend, is the time he spends with kids, especially my younger cousins. He is never to busy to run around and kick a ball with them. He is able to have so much on his plate, yet he doesn’t let the people who perhaps matter most go unnoticed. I am thankful that I get to learn from his character every day.

It really was a fantastic weekend with beautiful weather and Spring finally feeling like it is here for good! Now to study for the final week of exams and pack for our European vacation!

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