Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Good Morning!

Back in December when conversations were filled with resolutions for the New Year, Brandon and I were making the trek from my parents’ house in Waterloo to his in Ottawa. As we drove across the snow-covered streets we made a commitment to finding solace in creating routines for ourselves in the coming year. With both of us being full time students, holding multiple part time jobs each, and being involved in various capacities on campus and in the community, busyness can at times become an exhausting force that leads to burn out. Routine, we decided, was the best way to live intentionally rather than going through the motions.

And so, routine ensued. These routines look different for each of us, as we both thrive in different ways but routine has become part of our lives. I am so thankful for this.

Regardless of whether we notice or not, time flies by, the clock ticks on, and we only have twenty-four hours in a day. It might be good to think about how we use our time, the time we take to think, be healthy, and take for ourselves. We need to be fed in order to feed others.  

I rolled over this morning, awake before my alarm has even rung to see the sun streaming in through the closed blinds. A promise of Spring, the possibility of warmth. Instead of trying to force sleep to come back, as it has decided to leave me prematurely, I snag my phone from the charger and flip through emails, blogs, and social media. Perhaps this habit would be frowned upon but it gives me a gage on what is happening outside of my toasty covers.

our quiet little home in the morning

 I am the early riser in our little family which means I get to snag a few moments of peace before the party begins (any by party, I mean Brandon waking up, putting on worship music and us getting in the groove of the day). I have time in the morning to wake up, reflect, and begin my day.

This morning, like all mornings, I crawled out of bed and closed the bedroom door so I wouldn’t wake him. Today though, as I walked into the living room, the beauty of the stillness, light, and peace overwhelmed me. It was like a breathe of fresh air, a perfect way to start a busy day.

I turned the blinds, grabbed my yoga mat and started my workout. Although the sound of my heavy breathing broke the wonderful silence, there is nothing better than getting this part of my day over with.

A shower and a smoothie get me settled and as I open my Bible to begin my devotions I hear the handle turn on the bedroom door. He’s alive! The worship music is put on, the shower runs, the milk is poured. There is life in the house.

And just like that, I am ready to tackle the day.

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