Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cottage Roll

I was told once to do something each day that you are afraid of. Conquer your fears one step at a time. Jump in with both feet and don’t look back.

Well, today I conquered one of my fears... cottage roll.

Now, for those of you who are totally in the dark about what this delicious thing might be, I will explain... Cottage roll is basically pork shoulder covered in brine that many Newfs love to eat. It is extremely salty, fatty, and delicious

I was introduced to cottage roll one night when I was over at my now in-laws. I was extremely skeptical about this large piece of meat boiling in a pot but found that after trying it I was hooked.

Several years later, I’ve enjoyed this meal on many occasions but have always been slightly terrified of actually making it. I even have several cottage rolls that I have purchased on sale (bonus, this meat is super cheap!) in my freezer, always buying it with good intentions of tackling the challenge.

This meal scares me for two reasons – 1) I never grew up eating this, and 2) the meat looks gross (the second may be a personal opinion due to the first).

So, I did what I do with all intimidating meats... I put it in the slow cooker. My mother-in-law boils cottage roll, some people bake it, but I wanted to ensure that it turned out just right so into the slow cooker it went. Cover with water, turn on high, add some vegetables, and presto! You have a meal. (I have a deep-rooted love for slow cookers).

The other challenge with this dish is the pudding that goes along with it. You see, my husband comes from a line of ‘newfies’ and as such there are various puddings that go with certain meals. This one calls for a cinnamon bread-like pudding that is absolutely delicious. The ingredients are mixed, it is put in a cloth bag and set in boiling water for an hour. I received this cloth bag two years ago for Christmas... obviously I’ve been a tad avoidant.

Overall, not such a challenging meal, right? Well, I guess not. Yet, since my husband did grow up with this meal being a staple in his household, I did not want to screw it up! I would say overall, the challenge was met and it tasted delicious.

But I must say, the best part of this meal is the hash that is made with the leftovers the next day... I’m drooling already...

If you want to try this delicious, sodium-rich, not healthy for you really at all meal, here are the directions! And if you need to borrow a cottage roll, I’ve still got three in the freezer...

Find this recipe template here

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